DHQ: Digital Humanities Quarterly

DHQ People

DHQ Editors

Editor in Chief: Julia Flanders, Northeastern University
General Editor: Emily Edwards, St. Francis College
General Editor: Ben Lee, University of Washington and National Science Foundation
General Editor: Nirmala Menon, Indian Institute of Technology Indore
General Editor: John A. Walsh, Indiana University
Schemas Editor: Syd Bauman, Northeastern University
Reviews Editor (North America): Sarah Buchanan
Communications and Outreach Editor: Lavanya Dahiya, Indian Institute of Technology, Jodhpur
Indexing and Metadata Editor: Suman Das, IIT Indore
Peer Reviews Editor: Jyothi Justin, IIT Indore
Collaborative Development Editor: Hoyeol Kim, Amazon Web Services
Collaborative Development Editor: Joel Lee, Northeastern University
Languages Editor: Mary Katherine Newman
Peer Reviews Editor: Mara Oliva, University of Reading
Peer Reviews Editor: Shanmugapriya T, University of Toronto Scarborough
Data Analytics Editor: Shu Wan, University at Buffalo
Data Analytics Editor: Haining Wang, Indiana University

Managing Editors

The Managing Editors are responsible for managing the journal's submission, review, and production processes. They also undertake special projects as needed for the development of the journal.

  • Reba Dickson, Northeastern University
  • R. B. Faure, University of Maryland
  • Benjamin Grey, Northeastern University
  • Cailin Roles, Northeastern University

Development Staff

The Development Staff are responsible for the technical architecture and implementation of the journal's publication systems.

  • Open Journal Systems Support: Patrick Murray-John, Greg McClellan, and Karl Yee, Northeastern University
  • Publication and Bibliographic Systems: Ash Clark, Northeastern University

Advisory Board

Starting in 2022, the Advisory Board is being re-established along new lines. If you're interested in contributing expertise to the journal, please contact us at editors@digitalhumanities.org.

  • Wendell Piez (Founding Editor)
  • Melissa Terras (Founding Editor)

Former Contributors

Managing Editors:

  • Avery Blankenship, Northeastern University
  • Michelle Carriger, Brown University
  • Cassandra Cloutier, Northeastern University
  • Chase Culler, Brown University
  • David DeCamp, Northeastern University
  • Benjamin Grey, Northeastern University
  • Elizabeth Hopwood, Northeastern University
  • Jonathan Fitzgerald, Northeastern University
  • Melanie Kohnen, Brown University
  • Jacob Murel, Northeastern University
  • Duyen Nguyen, Northeastern University
  • Kristin Økland, Northeastern University
  • Gregory Palermo, Northeastern University
  • Alicia Svenson, Northeastern University
  • Matthew Peters Warne, Brown University


  • Chuck Burd, Associate Technical Editor
  • Michelle Dalmau, Usability Editor
  • Anke Finger, Peer Reviews Editor
  • Alex Gil, Internationalization Editor
  • Robin Hershkowitz, Indexing and Metadata Editor
  • Matthew Kirschenbaum, Articles Editor
  • Nika Mavrody, Data Analytics Editor
  • Jessica Pressman, Articles Editor
  • Geoffrey Rockwell, Interactive Media Editor
  • †Stéfan Sinclair, Visualization Editor
  • John Unsworth, Utility Infielder
  • Adriaan van deer Weel, Articles Editor

Advisory Board:

  • Dino Buzzetti
  • Greg Crane
  • Marilyn Deegan
  • Johanna Drucker
  • Kurt Gärtner
  • Susan Hockey
  • Claus Huitfeldt
  • Alan Liu
  • Willard McCarty
  • Jerome McGann
  • Allen Renear
  • Massimo Riva
  • C. Michael Sperberg-McQueen
  • John Unsworth