DHQ: Digital Humanities Quarterly

Author Biographies

Johanna Drucker Johanna Drucker has lectured and published widely on topics related to the visual production of knowledge in graphical, textual, and digital forms. She is currently working on a project to design a virtual Museum of Writing in collaboration with Simon Eliot, University of London, and Paul Vetch, King’s College London. She has recently completed a book manuscript on the interpretation of diagrams and their use in humanistic interpretation. Her recent titles include Sweet Dreams: Contemporary Art and Complicity (2008), Graphic Design History: A Critical Guide, with Emily McVarish (2008), and SpecLab: Projects in Digital Aesthetics and Speculative Computing (2009).
Aaron Kashtan Aaron Kashtan is an ABD Ph.D. candidate in the Department of English at the University of Florida, specializing in digital humanities and comics studies. His dissertation is on the interaction between computer graphics and fantasies of handwriting. He is the moderator of the comixscholars-l listserv and a member of the editorial collective of ImageTexT: Interdisciplinary Comics Studies.
Wendell Piez Wendell Piez studied Classics as an undergraduate and received a PhD in English Literature in 1991. Since 1998 he has worked with Mulberry Technologies, Inc., a private consultancy specializing in electronic publishing systems. A recognized expert on standards-based markup technologies, he has taught XML, XSLT, Schematron and related technologies to academic, industry and government audiences, and written and presented on these and related topics at conferences including Digital Humanities and Balisage: The Markup Conference.
Patrik Svensson Patrik Svensson the director of HUMlab at Umeå University and a docent in the humanities and information technology. His research concerns digital humanities as a field, learning and information technology, cyberinfrastructure for the humanities and new media studies.