DHQ: Digital Humanities Quarterly

Author Biographies

Alan Bilansky Alan Bilansky is completing an MS in Library and Information Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, after earning a PhD in Rhetoric and Democracy form Penn State. At the U of I he has taught undergraduates in social aspects of information technology, and also consults with faculty. He is currently at work studying the institutional, social and material history of databases like EEBO and ECCO and how they affect scholarly practice.
Jason Muir Helms Jason Helms is an Assistant Professor of English at TCU where he teaches courses on video games, new media, critical theory, and the history of rhetoric. His research focuses on the intersection of rhetoric and technology, particularly in comics, video games, and digital media. His digital monograph, Rhizcomics: Rhetoric, Technology, and New Media Composition (University of Michigan Press), will be released in 2016.
Aaron Scott Humphrey Lecturer, Department of Media
Aaron Jacob Kashtan Aaron Kashtan is a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of English at Miami University.
Tom Lindsley After rocking the academic world and earning his PhD, Tom is currently taking a "break" from academia by working as an Interaction Designer at Workiva in Ames, Iowa.
B.J. Parker Bio
Anastasia Salter Anastasia Salter is an Assistant Professor of Digital Media at the University of Central Florida. She is a contributing author for ProfHacker, a blog on pedagogy and technology hosted by the Chronicle for Higher Education and a member of the THATCamp council. Anastasia is also the author of What Is Your Quest? From Adventure Games to Interactive Books (U of Iowa Press 2014); and co-author with John Murray of Flash: Building the Interactive Web (MIT Press, 2014). Her work spans the future of narrative from transformative works to video games and comics.
Nick Sousanis Nick Sousanis is currently a postdoctoral Fellow in Comics Studies at the University of Calgary. In 2014, he completed his doctorate from Teachers College, Columbia University where he wrote and drew his dissertation entirely in comics form. Titled Unflattening, it is now a book from Harvard University Press.
Robert Dennis Watkins Robert Watkins is an assistant professor at Idaho State University where he specializes in teaching technical, professional, and composition writing. His research includes teaching comics production in the classroom in order to help students understand visual literacy as well as focusing on areas where comics studies and rhetoric collide.
Roger Todd Whitson Roger Whitson is an Assistant Professor of English at Washington State University where he also teaches in the Digital Technology and Culture program. He is author (with Jason Whittaker) of William Blake and the Digital Humanities: Collaboration, Participation, and Social Media (Routledge 2012) along with a number of articles on Blake, nineteenth-century British literature, digital humanities, comics, steampunk, and pedagogy. His work examines the adaptation of the nineteenth-century in maker culture and in visual and digital media. He is currently working on Steampunk and Nineteenth-Century Digital Humanities: Literary Retrofuturism, Alternate History, and Physical Computing, which is under an advanced contract from Routledge.