DHQ: Digital Humanities Quarterly

Author Biographies

Sune Bechmann Pedersen Sune Bechmann Pedersen is Senior Lecturer in digital history at the Department of History, Stockholm University. He is an expert on modern European tourism history, co-editor of Tourism and Travel during the Cold War (Routledge 2019), and contributor to The Oxford Handbook of the History of Tourism and Travel (Oxford University Press 2023). His current research focuses on European integration and international mobility in 20th century Europe.
Christopher Danforth Christopher M. Danforth is Professor of Mathematics & Statistics at the University of Vermont, and Director of the Vermont Advanced Computing Center. He is the co-inventor of http://hedonometer.org, an instrument measuring daily happiness based on social media. Along with Peter Sheridan Dodds, Danforth runs the Computational Story Lab research group.
Ethan Davis Ethan Davis is Digital and Data Science Specialist at Lewis & Clark College. His research focuses on the use of proverbs across time. He is interested in computational approaches to the humanities, especially the use of metaphor and routine formulae in texts.
Peter Sheridan Dodds Peter Sheridan Dodds is a Professor at the University of Vermont (UVM), Director of the Vermont Complex Systems Center, co-Director of the Computational Story Lab, and is appointed to the Department of Computer Science. Dodds maintains general research and teaching interests in complex systems with a focus on sociotechnical and psychological phenomena including contagion, language, meaning, and stories.
David Fifield David Fifield is a computer scientist. He received an MS degree from Stanford University and a PhD from the University of California Berkeley. He is a maintainer of the SEDES system for analyzing metrical features in Greek hexameter.
Mathias Johansson Mathias Johansson works as Research Engineer in digital history at Media History, Department of Communication and Media, Lund University, and at the Lund University Humanities Lab.
Estefanía López Salas Estefanía López Salas is Assistant Professor at the Department of Architectural Design, Urbanism and Composition, Universidade da Coruña (UDC, Spain). BA (hons) in Architecture (2009), MA in Architectural Restoration (2010) and PhD (hons) from Universidade da Coruña (2015). Her research is currently devoted to the study of Galician cultural heritage sites through digital technologies in order to face new art-historical questions as well as to promote the understanding of their historical and cultural significance.
Wolfgang Mieder Wolfgang Mieder is University Distinguished Professor Emeritus of German and Folklore at the University of Vermont, where he taught for fifty years and was the long-time chairperson of the Department of German and Russian. The author of well over one hundred books on fairy tales, folk songs, and legends, he is recognized internationally for his expertise in paremiology (proverb studies). Among his more recent books in English are: Making a Way Out of No Way: Martin Luther King’s Sermonic Proverbial Rhetoric (2010), Behold the Proverbs of a People: Proverbial Wisdom in Culture, Literature, and Politics (2014), Right Makes Might: Proverbs and the American Worldview (2019), and Dictionary of Authentic American Proverbs(2021).
Stephen A. Sansom Stephen A. Sansom is a Hellenist who specializes in early Greek poetry, especially epic, aesthetics, and digital humanities. He is an Assistant Professor of Classics at Florida State University.