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1997 (8)
1996 (2)
1Author:  Piez, Wendell; Lioi, Anthony; Lougovaya, Julia; Watts, Mary Jo
 Title:  CETH TEI Pilot Projects 
 Published:  1996 
2Author:  Hockey, Susan; Butler, Terry; Brown, Susan; Fisher, Sue
 Title:  The Orlando Project: Humanities Computing in Conversation with Literary History 
 Published:  1997 
3Author:  Rostek, Lothar
 Title:  Marking up in TATOE and exporting to SGML - Rule development for identifying NITF categories 
 Published:  1997 
4Author:  Chesnutt, David
 Title:  The Model Editions Partnership--Towards a National Database 
 Published:  1997 
5Author:  Sollohub, Maria
 Title:  The Wittgenstein Archives at the University of Bergen 
 Published:  1996 
6Author:  Roberts, Roda; Langlois, Lucie; Megginson, David
 Title:  SGMLizing the Bilingual Canadian Dictionary: Reasons, Process, and Problems 
 Published:  1997 
7Author:  Seaman, David
 Title:  The Electronic Archive of Early American Fiction (1775-1850) 
 Published:  1997 
8Author:  Birnbaum, David
 Title:  In Defense of Invalid SGML 
 Published:  1997 
9Author:  Hara, Shoichiro; Yasunaga, Hisashi
 Title:  A Digital Library System for Japanese Classical Literature 
 Published:  1997 
10Author:  Wilson, Eve; Shepton, Peter
 Title:  SGML as a vehicle for porting hypertext applications between systems 
 Published:  1997