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2000 (10)
1Author:  Bernard, Michel
 Title:  The FALMER Project: Toward an Electronic Critical Edition 
 Published:  2000 
2Author:  Pedreño, Andrés
 Title:  The Miguel Cervantes Digital Library: The Hispanic Voice on the WEB 
 Published:  2000 
3Author:  Vanhoutte, Edward
 Title:  Textual Variation, Electronic Editions and Hypertext 
 Published:  2000 
4Author:  Dawson, John
 Title:  ACAD - a Cambridge Alumni Database 
 Published:  2000 
5Author:  Tetreault, Ronald
 Title:  New Models for Electronic Publishing 
 Published:  2000 
6Author:  Scaife, ; Finkel, Raphael; Hutton, William; Vandiver, Elizabeth; Rourke, Patrick
 Title:  Academic Collaboration On Line: The SOL as a Case Study 
 Published:  2000 
7Author:  Terras, Melissa
 Title:  Border Crossing: Engineers, Papyrologists, and the Graphical Use Interface 
 Published:  2000 
8Author:  Rockwell, Geoffrey; Umholtz, Gretchen; George, Michele; Beckmann, Martin; Barrette, Paul
 Title:  Trajan's Column: Building a WWW Image-Database 
 Published:  2000 
9Author:  Tickner, Sue; Hooker, Richard; Halsall, Francis
 Title:  Digital Images for Online Distance Education in the Humanities 
 Published:  2000