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Computational / Corpus Linguistics[X]
2000 (12)
1Author:  Manning, Christopher
 Title:  Kirrkirr: Software for Browsing and Visual Exploration of a Structured Warlpiri Dictionary 
 Published:  2000 
2Author:  Fournier, Johannes
 Title:  New Paths in Middle High German Lexicography: Dictionaries Interlinked Electronically 
 Published:  2000 
3Author:  Tavoni, Mirko; Picchi, Eugenio
 Title:  The "Biblioteca Italiana Telematica" Project ( a Progress Report 
 Published:  2000 
4Author:  Lessard, Greg; Levison, Michael
 Title:  Poetic Prosthetics 
 Published:  2000 
5Author:  Macleod, Catherine; Ide, Nancy
 Title:  An American National Corpus: a Large Balanced Text Corpus for American English 
 Published:  2000 
6Author:  van Halteren, Hans
 Title:  Machine Learning Support for Evaluation and Quality Control 
 Published:  2000 
8Author:  Hatzidaki, Ourania
 Title:  Binomials and the Computer: a Study in Corpus-Based Phraseology 
 Published:  2000 
9Author:  Willet, Perry
 Title:  Textbases and Databases: Integrating Library Catalogs with Digital Libraries 
 Published:  2000 
10Author:  Blanchard, Gilles; Olsen, Mark
 Title:  Mapping 18th Century Structures of Knowledge: the Renvois System in Diderot's Encyclopédie 
 Published:  2000 
11Author:  Hasibaun, Zainal
 Title:  Multi Dimensions Concept-Based Information Retrieval System 
 Published:  2000 
12Author:  Juillard, Michel; Luong, Xuan
 Title:  On Consensus between Tree-representations of Linguistic Data 
 Published:  2000