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61Author:  Lenz, Eva; Witt, Andreas; Storrer, Angelika
 Title:  Towards declarative descriptions of transformations: An approach based on topic maps 
 Published:  2002 
62Author:  Meurer, Paul; Sperberg-McQueen,
 Title:  Mots15 - An interactive concordance system (built from mostly off-the- shelf parts) 
 Published:  2002 
63Author:  Nakatani, Hiromasa; Itoh, Yukihiro
 Title:  Document management system for supporting historians 
 Published:  2002 
64Author:  Olsen, Mark
 Title:  Rich Textual Metadata: Implementation and Theory 
 Published:  2002 
65Author:  Piez, Wendell
 Title:  SCHOLIA: a web-based reading tool for the study of language and literature 
 Published:  2002 
66Author:  Sasaki, Felix
 Title:  Element classes in contextually specified document structures 
 Published:  2002 
67Author:  Sidorov, Grigori; Gelbukh, Alexander; Chanona-Hernandez, Liliana
 Title:  System for Automatic Building of a Representative Corpus Using Internet 
 Published:  2002 
68Author:  Siemens, Ray; Unsworth, John; Schreibman, Susan
 Title:  The Proposed Companion to Humanities Computing 
 Published:  2002 
69Author:  Stahl, Peter
 Title:  Building and processing a multilingual corpus of parallel texts 
 Published:  2002 
70Author:  Wolff, Mark
 Title:  The Web Cahier: A Tool For Implementing Just-in-Time-Teaching In the Humanities 
 Published:  2002 
71Author:  Bruya, Brian
 Title:  Shuhai Wenyuan Interactive Internet Worktable: Studying Ancient Chinese Philosophy On-Line 
 Published:  2002 
72Author:  Balogh, Miklós
 Title:  Internet Assistant 
 Published:  2002 
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