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2Author:  Anderson, Cokie; Crawford, Julia
 Title:  Form or Function: Considerations in Presenting Historical Documents on the Web 
 Published:  2001 
4Author:  Bentivogli, Luisa; Pianesi, Fabio; Pianta, Emanuele
 Title:  PhiloNet: creating semantic concordances for the analysis of philosophical texts 
 Published:  2001 
5Author:  Biber, Hanno; Breiteneder, Evelyn; Moerth, Karlheinz
 Title:  AAC - Digital Resources in Textual Studies 
 Published:  2001 
6Author:  Bolshakova, Elena
 Title:  Phraseological Database Extended by Educational Material for Learning Scientific Style 
 Published:  2001 
7Author:  Condron, Frances; Beetham, Helen; Bennett, Catherine; Twining, Peter
 Title:  Sharing expertise in the use of information and communication technology to enhance teaching and learning in the humanities 
 Published:  2001 
8Author:  Flanders, Julia; Hughes, Lorna; Kirschenbaum, Matthew; Piez, Wendell; Rockwell, Geoffrey
 Title:  Job Seeking in Humanities Computing 
 Published:  2001 
9Author:  Hamilton, Robert
 Title:  Remote Interactive Animated Projection 
 Published:  2001 
10Author:  Hannon, Vivien; Roy, Bruno; Frigerio, Vittorio; Barnstead, John; MacLennan, Oriel
 Title:  Building Belphegor: A Multilingual Electronic Journal using TEI 
 Published:  2001 
11Author:  Hoover, David
 Title:  Experiments in Multivariate Analysis and Authorship Attribution 
 Published:  2001 
12Author:  Leopold, Edda; Kindermann, Jörg
 Title:  What can Hyperplane-Classifiers tell us about Texts? 
 Published:  2001 
13Author:  Ng, Kia
 Title:  Music via Motion: Interactive Multimedia Performances 
 Published:  2001 
15Author:  Ore, Christian-Emil; Eide, Øyvind
 Title:  The Norwegian Museum Project 
 Published:  2001 
16Author:  Schreibman, Susan; Chua, Jose
 Title:  Revisiting Revisions: employing XML and XSL to display deeply encoded, multi-versioned text 
 Published:  2001