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 Author:  Alexa, Melina; Rostek, Lothar
 Title:  Demonstration of TATOE: Text Analysis Tool with Object Encoding 
 Published:  1996 
 Author:  Alvarado, Rafael; Murray, Sarah-Jane
 Title:  Figura: A Tool for the Collaborative Editing of Non-nesting Content 
 Published:  2003 
 Author:  Anderson, Jean; Kay, Christian
 Title:  Computing in the School of English at the University of Glasgow 
 Published:  1999 
 Author:  Anderson, Cokie; Crawford, Julia
 Title:  Form or Function: Considerations in Presenting Historical Documents on the Web 
 Published:  2001 
 Author:  Arehart, Mark
 Title:  Identifying Multiword Tokens Using POS Tagging and Bigram Statistics 
 Published:  2003 
 Author:  Arrieta, Bertol; Arregi, Xavier; Alegria, Iñaki
 Title:  An Assistant Tool for Verse-making in Basque-based on Two-Level Morphology 
 Published:  2000 
 Author:  Ashenfelter, John
 Title:  Development and Use of Multimedia Archives and Databases for Humanities Education 
 Published:  1999 
 Author:  Austin, Andrea; Halsted, David; Willett, Perry
 Title:  Labour Issues in Humanities Computing 
 Published:  1997