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81Author:  Barrette, Paul
 Title:  The Quest In Classical Literature: Structuralism And Databases 
 Published:  1999 
82Author:  Butler, Terry; Fisher, Sue; Hockey, Susan; Coulombe, Greg; Clements, Patricia; Brown, Susan; Grundy, Isobel; Carter, Kathryn; Harvey, Kathryn; Wood, Jeanne
 Title:  Can a Team Tag Consistently? Experiences on the Orlando Project 
 Published:  1999 
83Author:  Buzzetti, Dino
 Title:  Text Representation and Textual Models 
 Published:  1999 
84Author:  Caton, Paul
 Title:  Using <TEXT> in TEI Markup. 
 Published:  1999 
85Author:  Hunyadi, László
 Title:  Tanach Cantillation Concordance: A unique way to look at the Hebrew Bible 
 Published:  1999 
86Author:  Dobreva, Milena
 Title:  Overview of Computer Supported Medieval Slavic Manuscript Studies in Bulgaria 
 Published:  1999 
87Author:  Dobson, Teresa
 Title:  Mind the Gap: Reading Literary Hypertext 
 Published:  1999 
88Author:  Duffy, Celia; Malloch, Steve; Pearson, Tony
 Title:  Networked Moving Images 
 Published:  1999 
89Author:  Eide, Øyvind
 Title:  The Ibsen Letters - and Beyond 
 Published:  1999 
90Author:  Elings, Mary; Garcelon, Eva
 Title:  Expanding the Community: The Museums and the Online Archive of California (MOAC) Project 
 Published:  1999 
91Author:  Evenson, Jennie
 Title:  Electronic Archives: Creating a New Bibliographic Code 
 Published:  1999 
92Author:  Faulhaber, Charles
 Title:  The Digital Scriptorium: A Visual Union Catalog of Medieval Manuscripts 
 Published:  1999 
93Author:  Flanders, Julia; Caton, Paul
 Title:  Encoding Renditional Information in Primary Source Texts 
 Published:  1999 
94Author:  Graver, Bruce
 Title:  The Electronic Lyrical Ballads: A Progress Report 
 Published:  1999 
96Author:  Ide, Nancy
 Title:  Word sense disambiguation using cross-lingual inform 
 Published:  1999 
97Author:  Keen, Kevin; Fortier, Paul
 Title:  The Reliability of Human Disambiguation in Text Markup 
 Published:  1999 
98Author:  Lavoie, Don; Nelson, Theodor; Gilbert, Mark
 Title:  The Electronic Readings Group: Generating Hypertext Dialogue Streams with Folio Views 
 Published:  1999 
99Author:  Lee, Stuart
 Title:  Assessing, Digitizing, and Delivering Library Collections: Scoping Oxford's Resources 
 Published:  1999 
100Author:  Lessard, Greg; Levison, Michael
 Title:  Beyond Corpora: Elicitation as a tool in second language word formation studies 
 Published:  1999 
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