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61Author:  Kenny, Dorothy
 Title:  Creatures of Habit? What collocation can tell us about translation 
 Published:  1997 
62Author:  Ore, Espen; Huitfeldt, Claus; Reigem, Øystein; Hespe, Franz
 Title:  Wittgenstein's Nachlass - Bergen Electronic Edition (WN-BEE) 
 Published:  1997 
63Author:  Bénard, Johanne
 Title:  Cocteau multimédia 
 Published:  1997 
64Author:  Janicijevic, Tatjana; Walker, Derek
 Title:  NeoloSearch: Automatic detection of neologisms in French Internet documents 
 Published:  1997 
65Author:  Sinclair, Stéfan
 Title:  L'HyperPo: Exploration des structures lexicales à l'aide des formes hypertextuelles 
 Published:  1997 
66Author:  Mylonas, Elli; Hettenbach, Todd
 Title:  The ACH/ALLC Abstract Review Database 
 Published:  1997 
67Author:  Skillicorn, David
 Title:  Using Collaborative Hypermedia to Replace Lectures in University Teaching. 
 Published:  1997 
68Author:  Ray, Joyce; Sokal, Mike; Aguera, Helen; Paulson, Barbard
 Title:  Funding of Humanities Computing Projects: Grant-Making Programs of U.S. Government Agencies 
 Published:  1999 
69Author:  Hockey, Susan; Chesnutt, David; Lowry, Charles; Martire, Christine
 Title:  Scholars in the Digital Age 
 Published:  1999 
70Author:  Fraser, Michael; Popham, Michael; Solopova, Elizabeth
 Title:  Identifying, preserving, and using high quality digital resources 
 Published:  1999 
71Author:  Hockey, Susan; Renear, Allen; McGann, Jerome
 Title:  What is text? A debate on the philosophical and epistemological nature of text in the light of humanities computing research 
 Published:  1999 
72Author:  Kirschenbaum, Matthew; Drucker, Joanna; McGann, Jerome; Viscomi, Joseph; Martin, Worthy
 Title:  Refining Our Notions of What (Digital) Images Really Are 
 Published:  1999 
73Author:  Cooper, Grazyna; Groves, Paul; Karas, Peter; Porter, Sarah
 Title:  Initiate, Innovate, Collaborate: A New Model for Humanities Computing Teaching and Resource Development 
 Published:  1999 
74Author:  Renear, Allen; Aarseth, Espen; Kaplan, Nancy; Kirschenbaum, Matthew; Unsworth, John; Lavagnino, John
 Title:  Humanities Computing and the Rise of New Media Centers: Synergy or Disjunction? 
 Published:  1999 
75Author:  Rudman, Joseph
 Title:  Open Panel on Non-traditional Authorship Attribution Studies 
 Published:  1999 
76Author:  Seaman, David; Friedland, LeeEllen; Powell, Chris; Ruotolo, Chris; Shieh, Jackie; Smith, Natalia; Willett, Perry
 Title:  TEI in Libraries: Guidelines for Best Practices 
 Published:  1999 
77Author:  Short, Harold; Cournane, Mavis; Ó Corráin, Donnchadh; Huitfeldt, Claus; McCarty, Willard
 Title:  Intellectual problems in scholarly encoding 
 Published:  1999 
78Author:  Short, Harold; Bradley, John; Horton, Tom; Thaller, Manfred
 Title:  Text Analysis Tools: Architectures and protocols Type of Proposal 
 Published:  1999 
79Author:  Simons, Gary; Sperberg-McQueen, C. M.; Durand, David
 Title:  Rethinking TEI markup in the light of SGML architectures 
 Published:  1999 
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