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41Author:  van Halteren, Hans
 Title:  The Feasibility of Incremental Linguistic Annotation 
 Published:  1997 
42Author:  Oueslati, Rochdi
 Title:  A corpora-based environment for linguistic knowledge exploration 
 Published:  1997 
43Author:  Choi, Sung-Kwon; Kim, Tae-Wan; Lee, Soo-Hyun; Park, Dong-In
 Title:  Korean Analysis and Transfer in Multilingual Machine Translation System 
 Published:  1997 
44Author:  Forsyth, Richard
 Title:  Short substrings as document discriminators: An empirical study 
 Published:  1997 
45Author:  Forsyth, Richard
 Title:  Towards a text benchmark suite 
 Published:  1997 
46Author:  Rostek, Lothar
 Title:  Marking up in TATOE and exporting to SGML - Rule development for identifying NITF categories 
 Published:  1997 
47Author:  Simons, Gary
 Title:  Mapping from objects to markup: a springboard for multiple-strategy electronic publishing 
 Published:  1997 
48Author:  Bruneseaux, Florence; Romary, Laurent
 Title:  Codage des références et coréférences dans les DHM 
 Published:  1997 
49Author:  Dwyer, Arienne
 Title:  Hand-to-Hand Wrestling with Small Linguistic Corpora 
 Published:  1997 
50Author:  Chesnutt, David
 Title:  The Model Editions Partnership--Towards a National Database 
 Published:  1997 
51Author:  Rockwell, Geoffrey; Johnson, Joanna; Piro, Rocco
 Title:  MILE: A Markup Language for Interactive Drill Courseware 
 Published:  1997 
52Author:  Seaman, David
 Title:  The Electronic Archive of Early American Fiction (1775-1850) 
 Published:  1997 
53Author:  Birnbaum, David
 Title:  In Defense of Invalid SGML 
 Published:  1997 
54Author:  Horton, Roz; Giordano, Richard
 Title:  A Virtual Barbeque: A Corpus Linguistics Approach to Studying an Emergent Community. 
 Published:  1997 
55Author:  Hara, Shoichiro; Yasunaga, Hisashi
 Title:  A Digital Library System for Japanese Classical Literature 
 Published:  1997 
56Author:  Wilson, Eve; Shepton, Peter
 Title:  SGML as a vehicle for porting hypertext applications between systems 
 Published:  1997 
57Author:  Sperberg-McQueen, C.; Bray, Tim
 Title:  Extensible Markup Language (XML) 
 Published:  1997 
58Author:  Lancashire, Ian; Douglas, Christopher; Jerz, Dennis
 Title:  Adapting Web Electronic Libraries to English Studies 
 Published:  1997 
59Author:  Qiao, Hong
 Title:  CORP - A Corpus-oriented Parser 
 Published:  1997 
60Author:  Schriber, Carolyn
 Title:  The Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies 
 Published:  1997 
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