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21Author:  Flanders, Julia; Lavagnino, John; Barash, Carol
 Title:  The Epistemology of the Electronic Text: Scholarly and Pedagogical Considerations 
 Published:  1997 
22Author:  Calzolari, Nicoletta; Zampolli, Antonio; Heid, Ulrich; Sanfilippo, Antonio; Grishman, Ralph; McLeod, Catherine
 Title:  Towards standards for lexicons and the linguistic annotation of texts. 
 Published:  1997 
23Author:  Rudman, Joe; Holmes, David; Tweedie, Fiona; Baayen, R.
 Title:  The State of Authorship Attribution Studies: (1) The History and the Scope; (2) The Problems -- Towards Credibility and Validity. 
 Published:  1997 
24Author:  Hockey, Susan; Butler, Terry; Brown, Susan; Fisher, Sue
 Title:  The Orlando Project: Humanities Computing in Conversation with Literary History 
 Published:  1997 
25Author:  Winder, William; Siemens, Ray; Lenoble, Michel
 Title:  Theories of Meaning and the Electronic Text / Théories du sens et les textes électroniques 
 Published:  1997 
26Author:  Flanders, Julia; Bauman, Sydney; Caton, Paul; Cournane, Mavis; McCarty, Willard; Bradley, John
 Title:  Applying the TEI: Problems in the classification of proper nouns 
 Published:  1997 
27Author:  du Prey, Pierre; Martin, Blair; Greenstein, Daniel
 Title:  Writing, Publishing and Preserving Electronic Documents related to the Visual Arts 
 Published:  1997 
28Author:  McCarty, Willard; Burnard, Lou; Deegan, Marilyn; Anderson, Jean; Short, Harold
 Title:  Root, trunk, and branch: institutional and infrastructural models for humanities computing in the U.K. 
 Published:  1997 
29Author:  Desmarais, Lise; Duquette, Lise; Laurier, Michel; Chung, Mee-Lian; Renié, Delphine
 Title:  L'évaluation des apprentissages et des interactions dans un environnement multimédia en L2 
 Published:  1997 
30Author:  Wright, Robert; McCarty, Willard; Saltrick, Susan
 Title:  Institutional Support in the Advancement of Technology in the Humanities: Roles, Models, and Collaboration 
 Published:  1997 
31Author:  Neuman, Michael; Green, David; Unsworth, John
 Title:  ACH Special Session: ACH and NINCH 
 Published:  1997 
32Author:  Hockey, Susan; Short, Harold; Ore, Espen; McCarty, Willard; Rockwell, Geoffrey
 Title:  ALLC Special Session: Humanities Computing in the Graduate Curriculum 
 Published:  1997 
33Author:  Roberts, Roda; Langlois, Lucie; Megginson, David
 Title:  SGMLizing the Bilingual Canadian Dictionary: Reasons, Process, and Problems 
 Published:  1997 
34Author:  Donald, Merlin
 Title:  Symbolic Technologies: Challenges and Dangers for the Humanities 
 Published:  1997 
35Author:  Tetreault, Ronald
 Title:  Electrifying Wordsworth 
 Published:  1997 
36Author:  de Mönnink, Inge
 Title:  Combining corpus and experimental data: methodological considerations 
 Published:  1997 
37Author:  Gurney, Penelope; Gurney, Lyman
 Title:  Multi-Authorship of the Scriptores Historiae Augustae: How the Use of Subsets Can Win or Lose the Case. 
 Published:  1997 
38Author:  Fischer, Robert; Lyman-Hager, Mary
 Title:  Multimedia Authoring for Foreign Language Faculty: The Libra Authoring System 
 Published:  1997 
39Author:  Jung, Hanmin; Yuh, Sanghwa; Kim, Taewan; Park, Dong-In
 Title:  Compound Unit Recognition for Efficient English-Korean Translation 
 Published:  1997 
40Author:  Oostdijk, Nelleke
 Title:  Tailoring a formal grammar for efficiency without compromising its linguistic motivation 
 Published:  1997 
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