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101Author:  Levison, Michael; Wu, James
 Title:  The Jigsaw Puzzle Problem Revisited 
 Published:  1999 
102Author:  Mactavish, Andrew; Buckley, Joanne; Rockwell, Geoffrey
 Title:  Building a Place for Multimedia Studies in the Humanities 
 Published:  1999 
103Author:  Mah, Carole
 Title:  Challenges in the Design of Online Full-Text Databases: Creating Rich Text Encoding 
 Published:  1999 
104Author:  Gallet-Blanchard, Liliane; Martinet, Marie-Madeleine
 Title:  Eighteenth-Century Cities in an Interdisciplinary Curriculum: Creating a CD-ROM -- Hyperlink Structure and Interpretive Approaches 
 Published:  1999 
105Author:  McDonough, Jerome; Proffitt, Merrilee
 Title:  The Making of America II: Towards a Standardized Architecture for the Digitization of Primary Sources 
 Published:  1999 
106Author:  Meister, Jan
 Title:  From text analysis to reception analysis: A change of paradigms in Literary Computing ? 
 Published:  1999 
107Author:  Miles, Adrian
 Title:  Pedagogy goes to the movies: hypermedia in the cinema class room. 
 Published:  1999 
108Author:  Wolff, Mark; Andreev, Leonid; Olsen, Mark
 Title:  ATE: ARTFL Text Encoding 
 Published:  1999 
109Author:  Ore, Espen; Bøe, Hilde; Falkenberg, Ingrid; Jørgensen, Jon
 Title:  Henrik Ibsen meets text encoding - again 
 Published:  1999 
110Author:  Palmer, Carole; Neumann, Laura
 Title:  Interdisciplinary Humanities Scholars and Hybrid Information Environments 
 Published:  1999 
111Author:  Plofker, Kim; Pingree, David
 Title:  A Text-Based Approach to Electronic Cataloguing of Non-Western Manuscripts 
 Published:  1999 
112Author:  Remnek, Miranda; Skemp, Mary; Wadsworth, Sarah
 Title:  Technologizing Women's Travel Writing: Issues & Implications 
 Published:  1999 
113Author:  Roland, Perry
 Title:  The "Preposterous Muddle" Revisited: An XML Thematic Catalog DTD 
 Published:  1999 
115Author:  Beare, Judith; Scott, Brad
 Title:  The Spoken Corpus of the Survey of English Dialects: Language variation and oral history 
 Published:  1999 
116Author:  Sept, Jeanne; Siegel, Martin
 Title:  A Web-Based Digital Learning Environment for Archaeology Students 
 Published:  1999 
118Author:  Siemens, R.
 Title:  The Pragmatics of Publishing a Scholarly Electronic Journal 
 Published:  1999 
119Author:  Sinclair, Stéfan
 Title:  HyperPo: The Next Generation 
 Published:  1999 
120Author:  Smith, Martha; Price, Kenneth
 Title:  Sociologies of the Dickinson & Whitman Projects at Jefferson Village: Digital Texts and Print Companions 
 Published:  1999 
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