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1Author:  Benney, Alfred
 Title:  A ToolBook Application: Using Computer Puzzles To Teach Critical-Thinking Skills 
 Published:  1996 
2Author:  Bolt, Philip
 Title:  The limits to computer-based grammar checking for foreign language learners of English? 
 Published:  1996 
3Author:  Burnard, Lou
 Title:  Introducing SARA 
 Published:  1996 
5Author:  Harriehausen-Mühlbauer, Bettina
 Title:  CASTLE - Computer ASsisted Tutoring and Learning Environment 
 Published:  1996 
6Author:  Hasund, Kristine; Andersen, Gisle
 Title:  COLT on TACT A demonstration of the TACTweb software as applied to the Bergen Corpus of London Teenage Language 
 Published:  1996 
7Author:  Hofland, Knut; Ebeling, Jarle
 Title:  Alignment and browsing of the English-Norwegian Parallel Corpus 
 Published:  1996 
8Author:  Maczewski, Jan-Mirko
 Title:  Palimpsest for Windows: A Tool for Computer Assisted Literary Translation Studies 
 Published:  1996 
9Author:  McCormack, Pauline
 Title:  Innovations in Resources for Teaching History and Archaeology 
 Published:  1996 
10Author:  Ott, Wilhelm
 Title:  Tools for Critical Editing 
 Published:  1996 
11Author:  Piez, Wendell; Lioi, Anthony; Lougovaya, Julia; Watts, Mary Jo
 Title:  CETH TEI Pilot Projects 
 Published:  1996 
12Author:  Alexa, Melina; Rostek, Lothar
 Title:  Demonstration of TATOE: Text Analysis Tool with Object Encoding 
 Published:  1996 
13Author:  Särkkä, Heikki
 Title:  "Grotefend", a tool for deciphering ancient syllabic scripts 
 Published:  1996 
14Author:  Sanne, Signe
 Title:  Visit to the Multimedia Lab at the Faculty of Arts 
 Published:  1996 
15Author:  Sollohub, Maria
 Title:  The Wittgenstein Archives at the University of Bergen 
 Published:  1996 
16Author:  Stewart, Larry; Havholm, Peter
 Title:  A Demonstration of the Linear Modeling Kit 
 Published:  1996 
17Author:  Tiffin, Chris; Eggert, Paul; Barwell, Graham
 Title:  The Academy Electronic Editions of Australian Literature 
 Published:  1996 
19Author:  Vanni, Michelle
 Title:  Corpus Methods for Interlingual Machine Translation 
 Published:  1996 
20Author:  Austin, Andrea; Halsted, David; Willett, Perry
 Title:  Labour Issues in Humanities Computing 
 Published:  1997 
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