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Confluence needs some information before it is fully installed. If at any stage of the installation you need more information, check out the online setup guide. If you get stuck, you can lodge a support request with us and we will assist you further with your licensing query.

  • Enter License
    Please enter your Confluence license key below - either commercial or evaluation.
    You can generate an evaluation license online and then return to this page.

  • Choose Installation Type
    There are two ways to install Confluence:

    Evaluation Installation
    Install Confluence with default settings and an embedded database. This is recommended for anyone evaluating or demonstrating Confluence, as it will get you up and running as quickly as possible. This option is not advised for running a production instance of Confluence.

    Production Installation
    Perform a custom setup. Select this option if you want to configure Confluence with an external database, or initialise the server with your own data. This is strongly recommended for running a production instance, as the use of an external database is essential for data integrity.