Thoughts welcome on the ADHO LOD SIG

As there are now quite a lot of people involved and at least one LOD action taking place (the COST network application), it seemed like a good idea to ask the community what they would like to see from the group. I’m aware that it is currently a little separated between technical platforms – the listserv, twitter and blog – and that they aren’t heavily joined up. For instance, there is a ‘members‘ page on the blog, but that doesn’t reflect who has signed up to the listserv, or follows or posts on Twitter. Do people have opinions about whether this is an appropriate state of affairs? Suggestions for improvement? or should we simply aim to offer a variety of channels through which people can communicate and allow people to take their pick?
I’ll also send this query out through the listserv, and point to it from twitter.
Opinions welcome through whatever medium you prefer!

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