Digital Humanities Abstracts

“Visit to the Multimedia Lab at the Faculty of Arts”
Signe Marie Sanne Norwegian Computing Centre for the Humanities

In autumn 1993 a multimedia lab consisting of 20 Macintosh computers was set up for the Faculty's language students. Each work station is equipped with a videodisc player and is connected to Tandberg's IS10 panel. The software - which has been developed in-house - covers several of the 1st year students' activities, such as practising language skills and studying civilization by means of interactive video. In addition, there exists a wide range of textual programs for the testing of grammar, vocabulary and phonetics. Although the software is mainly aimed at students of English or Italian, some additional programs in Spanish, French and German are also available. Senior Lecturer Signe Marie Sanne will give a demonstration of the lab and show examples of various programs.