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1Author:  Flanders, Julia
 Title:  Writing about It: Documentation and Humanities Computing 
 Published:  2000 
2Author:  Navarro, Antonio; Fernandez-Valmayor, Alfredo; Fernandez-Manjon, Baltasar; Sierra, Jose
 Title:  Integration of Markup Languages and Object-Oriented Techniques in a Hypermedia Methodology 
 Published:  2000 
3Author:  Martin, Worthy; Gurevich, Olga; Horton, Thomas; Bingler, Robert
 Title:  A Workbook Application for Digital Text Analysis 
 Published:  2000 
4Author:  Butler, Terry; Coulombe, Greg; Fisher, Sue
 Title:  Solutions for the Delivery of Thematically-Tagged Text 
 Published:  2000 
5Author:  Sperberg-McQueen, C.; Huitfeldt, Claus; Renear, Allen
 Title:  Meaning and Interpretation of Markup 
 Published:  2000 
6Author:  Ide, Nancy; Kilgarriff, Adam; Romary, Laurent
 Title:  A Formal Model for Lexical Information 
 Published:  2000 
7Author:  Sæth, Karl; Falkenberg, Ingrid; Nessheim, Ellen; Taugbøl, Stine; Ekker, Mette
 Title:  Text Structure vs. Encoded Structure - Dealing with Mixed Genres and Ambiguous Texts 
 Published:  2000 
8Author:  Kraus, Kari
 Title:  Image Description at the William Blake Archive 
 Published:  2000 
9Author:  Schreibman, Susan
 Title:  Metainformation Strategies for Electronic Resources 
 Published:  2000