centerNet is an international network of digital humanities centers


  • Agenda for Transitional International Executive Steering Committee Meeting at DH2014We will be meeting on Monday, July 7 in EPFL Room 3C from 13:00-17:00 and then walking to the “Tech a Break” Pub in the SwissTech Conference Center for our second annual centerNet sponsored DH Center Directors Meetup. First round of drinks to be paid by centerNet. Further information can be found in the Agenda, which includes links to other relevant documents regarding centerNet's history and future goals.2014-07-03 20:52:48
  • PROJECT SLAM at centerNet's 2014 AGMInterested in having your project peer-reviewed in the inaugural issue of the DHCommons journal? Get started on crafting a project statement at the centerNet/ADHO lunchtime meeting at DH 2014! DHCommons will be hosting a PROJECT SLAM, where each project representative will have 90 seconds to briefly introduce the project, and speak about the contribution, presentation, and/or preservation aspects of the project, as guided by the topics in the DHCommons journal review guidelines...2014-06-24 20:51:08

Featured Center


    Matrix, the Center for Digital Humanities and Social Sciences at Michigan State University, seeks to advance critical understanding and promote access to knowledge through world-class research in humanities technology. 

    To this end, the mission of Matrix, The Center for Digital Humanities and Social Sciences is: to serve as a catalyst for and incubator of the emerging fields and disciplines resulting from the integration of the humanities with information technologies.

    2014-01-13 19:00:55

Centers Screencasts

Project screencasts from digital humanities centers

We feature here short videos that highlight the work produced at digital humanities centers.

Our initial set of videos was compiled for viewing during the CHCI/centerNET meeting in June 2011 by Stéfan Sinclair.