centerNet is an international network of digital humanities centers


  • LINHD will host Day of DH 2015+2016centerNet is delighted to announce that our initiative, Day of DH, will be hosted in 2015 and 2016 by the Laboratorio de Innovación en Humanidades Digitales (LINHD) in Madrid. centerNet is deeply grateful to MATRIX for their generous hosting of Day of DH 2013 and 2014. Join us in congratulating LINHD as Day of DH sets sail from North America on its global tour!2014-09-08 14:02:10
  • centerNet Annual Report ReleasedcenterNet is pleased to release its Annual Report from DH2104 full of new initiatives and information about the upcoming new International Steering Committee. 2014-08-25 15:03:46

Featured Center


    Matrix, the Center for Digital Humanities and Social Sciences at Michigan State University, seeks to advance critical understanding and promote access to knowledge through world-class research in humanities technology. 

    To this end, the mission of Matrix, The Center for Digital Humanities and Social Sciences is: to serve as a catalyst for and incubator of the emerging fields and disciplines resulting from the integration of the humanities with information technologies.

    2014-01-13 19:00:55

Centers Screencasts

Project screencasts from digital humanities centers

We feature here short videos that highlight the work produced at digital humanities centers.

Our initial set of videos was compiled for viewing during the CHCI/centerNET meeting in June 2011 by Stéfan Sinclair.