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What are some models for governance/editorial oversight for DH projects?
1 David Michelson 5 years
What technologies are most effective for K-12 humanities instruction?
1 5 years
DH projects with strong visual/non-linear components
1 Inna Kizhner 6 years
Looking for color-coded transcription displays of manuscripts
1 rlee13 6 years
What was the book title that Busa couldn't remember?
1 ttasovac 6 years
Best textbooks for teaching writing fundamentals for new media environment?
1 7 years
Text Mining and Personality Analysis
1 Roger Whitson 7 years
Does anyone have experience using the newest 3.5 Leximancer software?
1 Lisa Rhody 7 years
Besides netvibes, what other *FREE* web portal dashboards are out there?
1 DrK 7 years
Applications for aligning multiple translations?
1 Stéfan Sinclair 8 years
An intro to DH from the cultural heritage perspective?
1 Sheila Brennan 8 years
Recursos para la enseñanza de las Humanidades Digitales en español?
1 elotroalex 8 years