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Good 3D scanners to use alongside a 3D printer?
1 aelang 10 months
Transcription layer on top of fedora/blacklight stack
1 elotroalex 1 year
DH Thesaurus - Participate in an Evaluation Survey
1 alyson.musser 2 years
Experience with CollateX as restful service?
1 Hayim 2 years
Feedback on Digital Humanities Best Practices document
1 ebuhe 2 years
Old English resources and tools
1 martinwunderlich 2 years
Where do you go for data?
1 thomasgpadilla 2 years
Rhyme Detection
1 jlassin 2 years
Is anyone aware of a benchmark-type comparison between available topic modelers?
1 Jonathan.Armoza 2 years
Anyone know any Interdisciplinary STEM/Humanities academic competitions in HE?
1 m.brown4 3 years
Digital textual design: On the hunt for projects/tools/toolsets/good designs
1 thatdrmaz 3 years
What are essential introductory theorizations of the Model?
1 Michael Ullyot 3 years
DH projects on intellectual histories within universities
1 leondk 3 years
What are some models for governance/editorial oversight for DH projects?
1 David Michelson 4 years
What technologies are most effective for K-12 humanities instruction?
1 4 years