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Examples of web-based galleries or historical architecture?
3 Ethan Gruber 4 years
OK, I just joined and saw the highlighted question about what this q and a is
5 Bethany Nowviskie 4 years
MALLET - adding to the stopword list
8 Bethany Nowviskie 4 years
What is Digital Humanities?
6 mbranson_1993 4 years
Precedent for coding partially fulfilling a PhD foreign-lang. requirement?
9 mbranson_1993 4 years
Publishing academic multimedia e-book (anthropology)
4 Bethany Nowviskie 4 years
3D Printers
4 Jentery Sayers 4 years
What exists as an open platform for editorial management?
5 Kevin Hawkins 4 years
Automatically Preparing Edge/Node Data for Gephi
7 Michael Widner 4 years
Lectures de base (en fran├žais) pour les "digital humanities"
6 Aurelien Berra 4 years
Stopword list for Old English
3 Michael Widner 4 years
Getting Neatline Up and Running: Geoserver?
8 Shawn 5 years
Standardized/recommended terms to categorize digital humanities projects?
5 Annelie Rugg 5 years
Is anyone using the RBMS/ACRL vocabularies Binding Terms or Type Evidence?
4 5 years
Verifying the Accuracy of Double Keying - any studies?
7 lit_cht 5 years