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Examples of online teaching modules or lesson plans?
3 Kaarina 1 year
Open Corpora for Digital History Assignment
4 SharonHoward 1 year
Which novels to assign for seminar in algorithmic criticism / distant reading?
4 johnlaudun 1 year
Must your tools/projects, esp. in Omeka, meet specific accessibility standards?
3 hopegreenberg 1 year
Examples of Departments that Accept Digital Products for MA Degree?
5 Ethan Gruber 2 years
Good list of undergraduate dh majors/minors/concentrations/specializations?
5 Matthew Wilkens 2 years
What can someone not in the humanities do to help digital humanities?
4 Patrick Murray-John 2 years
Creating the DH classroom - equipment, furniture, budget?
3 jbj 2 years
Is there a list anywhere of all the graduate programs that study DH? - 2 17 paregorios 2 years
Is there any literature on having a lab section in a digital humanities class?
2 Miriam Posner 2 years
Master in Digital Humanities
4 Kevin Hawkins 3 years
New research questions in the humanities
9 Brett Bobley 3 years
Ridiculous question: blogs
2 Patrick Murray-John 3 years
What texts would you use in a "Literature of Information Overload" course?
13 GeoffreyRockwell 3 years
History and theory question: lexicography / discourse analysis / text mining
2 Smallpiper 3 years