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What interfaces exist for working on scholarly resources housed in libraries?
5 laurie taylor 3 years
Is LIWC best tool to test hypotheses about emotion against historical documents?
2 Dorothea Salo 3 years
Which podcasts do you listen to & recommend?
3 emarsh 3 years
Reading recommendations for a GIS newbie?
6 Bethany Nowviskie 3 years
Does someone know an efficient antispam?
3 frederique 3 years
suggested readings: text analysis of historical documents?
3 Stéfan Sinclair 3 years
How do you build a community resource with few barriers while avoiding spam?
6 Shane Landrum 3 years
Lightweight data management/storage/transformation for use with web services?
4 Shane Landrum 3 years
Constrained Vocabularies in Zotero Fields
4 Stéfan Sinclair 3 years
HELP! I need advice on which approach to take with a text encoding project...
7 Wayne Graham 3 years
Suggestions for open source frameworks for web development?
10 Patrick Murray-John 3 years
how to publish tweets with particular hashtag as comments to blog?
2 Micah Vandegrift 3 years
Video/Screen Capture Tools
7 mbeganyi 3 years
Web-based step-by-step interactive documentation tool
3 Stéfan Sinclair 3 years
Know of a great web-based application that supports editorial workflow?
4 Patrick Murray-John 3 years