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Best way to map & track debates through several little 1920s magazines?
7 Rosvita TEXTWinder 6 years
Best practice for representing imprecise historical geospatial data on a map?
3 snesbit 6 years
DH and "Democracy in America"
2 Arno Bosse 6 years
Recommendations on ethnographic software?
5 6 years
Please recommend collation software?
2 elotroalex 6 years
Mind-Mapping, Organizing?
6 frostdavis 6 years
The baroque artistic ideal can be characterized as? 2 Dorothea Salo 6 years
Recommended Pen Scanners?
5 Stéfan Sinclair 6 years
Where can I find people interested in collaborating on a DH startup?
3 Ryan Cordell 6 years
DH's greatest hits? Top tech innovations stemming from the humanities?
8 Patrick Murray-John 6 years
How to analyze & record CIELAB or Munsell notations of colors in digital images?
6 Anupam Basu 6 years
Text Mining and Personality Analysis
1 Roger Whitson 6 years
Share your (digital) research workflow!
12 6 years
Resources / Examples of Marking up a Periodical in TEI?
7 Laura Weakly 6 years
User-friendly, open-source/free latent semantic indexing?
3 6 years