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DH laptop horsepower
6 Willy Lee 8 months
Early Modern OCR Texts in Spanish
2 AntonioRojasCastro 10 months
Topic Modeling (MALLET) with JSTOR Data For Research
10 Ben Marwick 10 months
DH Project List/Registry/Catalog/etc?
2 Brett Bobley 1 year
What are the best practices for data curation in GitHub?
3 Ben Brumfield 1 year
Recommendations for timeline tools?
5 leon.robichaud 1 year
MALLET - adding to the stopword list
8 Bethany Nowviskie 1 year
What software would you install on lab machines for DH teaching OR research?
6 Andrew Goldstone 1 year
DH projects on intellectual histories within universities
1 leondk 1 year
Alternatives to InDesign for creating multimedia ebooks? - 2 21 Sharon K. Goetz 1 year
Publishing academic multimedia e-book (anthropology)
4 Bethany Nowviskie 1 year
I'd like to create a personal database for a collection of letters
6 Gogol71 1 year
Virtual Lightbox? (or, what are some good image comparison tools?)
4 Trip Kirkpatrick 1 year
collaborative software for transcribing digital images of handwritten documents
14 Patrick Murray-John 1 year
Methods to process a plain text collection into a bimodal graph...
8 Scott Weingart 1 year