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Examples of projects that examine non-canonical figures?
2 Ethan Gruber 8 months
Rhyme Detection
1 jlassin 8 months
How to find traces of a text (e.g. article) in a more recent one (e.g. chapter)?
8 Patrick Murray-John 9 months
Is anyone aware of a benchmark-type comparison between available topic modelers?
1 Jonathan.Armoza 9 months
How do I best convert hundreds of TEI P5 documents to plaintext?
6 kevin.s.hawkins 10 months
Overalying Gephi Network onto Google Earth
5 John Handel 11 months
What tools are available for presenting an online parallel text?
4 TimC 11 months
Tools for annotating video, linking to text?
3 Ethan Gruber 1 year
Tools for making flow maps - 2 16 LAB1100 1 year
Text mining tools that work with RTL texts?
2 1 year
DH laptop horsepower
6 Willy Lee 1 year
Early Modern OCR Texts in Spanish
2 AntonioRojasCastro 1 year
Topic Modeling (MALLET) with JSTOR Data For Research
10 Ben Marwick 1 year
DH Project List/Registry/Catalog/etc?
2 Brett Bobley 1 year
What are the best practices for data curation in GitHub?
3 Ben Brumfield 1 year